Evidence in the CAse

Getting Justice for Courtney

This is just some of the evidence we have collected to try to get justice for Courtney. There are so many unanswered questions… including why she was covered in bruises at the time of her death, why the drugs found in her body are not anything she had a history of taking, and why her boyfriend was never investigated even though the 911 call makes no sense at all.

(PLEASE NOTE: some of the images you see on this page or in videos are graphic in nature and may be triggering. Please be aware before scrolling down)

Evidence Explained

What Really Happened to Courtney?

“Courtney Heater was a lively athletic young woman stuck in an abusive relationship. She lived with her boyfriend in his hometown in North Carolina. She was isolated, far from family and friends. There are alot of questions that need to be answered. Especially since at the time of her death she is covered head to toe in bruises, that are in different stages of healing. She also had broken ribs that were healing. She documented her many abusive attacks from her boyfriend. Courtney was known to smoke weed but not take hard drugs. The drugs found in her system just happened to be what her boyfriend is known to take. What really happened to Courtney Heater?” (from the YouTube description on the A Mixed Girl In A Mixed Up World- Mizzy” YouTube channel).

Other Key Pieces of Evidence

911 Call Part 1

911 Call Part 2

Courtney had bruises all over her body,
but the police still refused to investigate her death.

Autopsy Report. If you would like to see the full report, CLICK HERE.

Courtney Heater autopsy legs with bruises
Courtney Heater Autopsy Arm

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Please be aware that some of the images on this page may be disturbing or triggering to some.

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